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Sound Harvester

April 25, 2013

designed by Ru Zarin, Nigel Papworth, Kent Lindbergh, Fredrik Nilbrink, Daniel Fallman, Ambra Trotto, Nic True, Jeroen Peeters

The Voice Harvester is an exploratory interactive installation that embodies human voice in physical materials. Sound input is processed, amplified and transmitted through audio drivers connected to a thin, flexible membrane that agitates the material on it. The title “Voice Harvester” is derived from the original design brief, which called for an object able to elicit non-linguistic, expressive, and naturalistic human vocal sounds to explore the full range of capability of the human voice through use of a novel, playful, and embodied interaction. This paper describes the intention, design process, construction, technical details, interaction, and planned/potential uses of this design exploration.

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November 26, 2012

Today the BeGreen presented the Air Quality Visualiser in VasaPlan.

Ru Zarin works to fix the last bugs, before the opening.



Interactive Institute Umeå among experts on social innovation

November 9, 2012

Dutch Design Week Opening Show 2012 – Enter a Brave New World

Video for the opening show of the Dutch Design Week 2012 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
360 degrees around projection and 6 monitors above stage. Performance included a live breakdancer on a rotating treadmill-stage.
Upper left screen: monitors
Bottom screen: part of 360 degrees projection

IIU in Tuscany

September 30, 2012



Photos by Ambra Trotto

June 14, 2012

The main italian newspaper publishes an interview to Marcello Flores, director of the International Master on Human Rights and Genocide studies. Professor Flores introduces the exhibition “Experiencing Human Rights” that is going on at the Museum Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, Italy. Interactive Institute Umeå has been one of the partners in the realization of this project.

ambra trotto

Experiencing Human Rights – Interviewing Flores

Interview to professor Marcello Flores on the motivations of the Siena Exhibition “Experiencing Human Rights”

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June 2, 2012

ambra trotto

Experiencing Human Rights

Materializing and sensitizing towards the values expressed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: the exhibition in Siena.

Ambra Trotto tutored Jeroen Peeters and Teun Vinken, two talented students from the Eindhoven University of Technology, along this design adventure.

Photos of the set up and of the exhibition can be found here.

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Dense Spaces exhibited at the Bildmuseet

May 15, 2012

From May 19th to June 6th 2012 the Bildmuseet of Umeå welcomes the exhibition Art / Design / Architecture

Within the exhibition “Work in Progress” curated by Peter Kjaer, dean of the School of Architecture, Interactive Institute presents the outcomes of the research-through-design project “Dense Spaces”, designed by Ambra Trotto. During a course with third-year students, topics such as meaning, expressivity, designing qualities and values have been explored, by means of iterative reflection-on-action cycles, with generative videos and experienceable prototypes.

Results of the project can be seen on these blogs: